Scope of Services

ABR Solutions will provide highly sophisticated cloud based Enterprise Operations Management (EOM) services for real-time monitoring, control, analysis, and reporting about the technologies that operate Solutions enterprises.  Users may receive information about their enterprise’s operations at command centers, laptops, PDAs, and many other mobile computing devices.  EnterpriseSMS® (ESMS),the software of ABR Solutions can provide these services for industrial operations, security operations, business processes, infrastructure, and any other enterprise activity that collects and analyzes data to manage its operations. All of these types of services are integrated together to provide an extraordinary line of sight into the total operation of the enterprise.  Real time analysis, results presentation, and systems control from anywhere are powerful capabilities that may be leveraged to enhance the enterprise’s operation.  Improved information that yields greater business intelligence and control give the Enterprise greater agility and greater success. 

End users may include government entities (ports, airports, transportation, hospitals, defense…), industrial facilities (refineries, production, transportation, mining, power…), general business (universities, financial institutions, education, administration…), enterprises made of one-to-many smaller operations (retail, office, professional, residential…), and many other types of business. 

ABR Solutions provides access to EnterpriseSMS® through two paths. Users may acquire operating licenses for software installed at their facilities.  In this situation they provide the operating environments, IT support staffs, and support personnel to run the system.  ABR Solutions will also provide a highly secure centralized computer infrastructure that operates EnterpriseSMS® software as private clouds for each User. This software connects, through an EnterpriseSMS® gateway at the user’s locations, with the requisite technology components to collect information, provide controls, support for local system monitoring and presents the results of analysis to the users of the system. In this fashion, users may reduce their investment in central IT equipment, relieve themselves of hiring more expensive IT staff, and obtain the highest possible level of support by the persons who developed the product since 1990. 

EnterpriseSMS® services provide results in real time ensuring all levels of enterprise staff, management, and executive leadership have an accurate view of the activities and condition of the enterprise. This information is the business intelligence necessary to anticipate problems, optimize performance, and manage events for maximum results.  ABR Solutions services including on the use of EnterpriseSMS® technology, customization services, deployment services, software services, licensed software and on-going support and technical support services.  Additionally, ABR Solutions will supply necessary equipment to support the deployment of the systems.