Federal Banking System Example: Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Facility Monitoring, and Visitor Processing


These sites' daily activities are largely controlled through their command centers and also use standard access control devices.  In fact, nearly every aspect of the daily operations of the banks are regulated by complex rules, detailed controls over those activities, and very detailed audit of each and every activity are a regular part of daily life.  EnterpriseSMS® enabled all of the typical access control and intrusion functions.  More importantly, special departments that handle very large quantities of valuables like cash and other securities have very complex rules that the personnel must follow for entering and leaving locations where valuables are found.  These rules are imposed by auditors and are extremely precise.  EnterpriseSMS® is able to implement these rules easily.

Another critical task is the access to the facility by vehicles and trucks, especially trucks carrying valuables.  All vehicles go through extensive vehicular inspection and authentication of the need for access.  Other checks apply to trucks.  These practices are also subject to detailed audit. 

These sites have a professional security force composed of Federal law enforcement officers.  It is a 7 X 24 operation.  They play an essential role in supervising the operation of the system, controlling access to many areas, and participating in the operation of special access points from several command centers.  This intense level of involvement delivers the highest level of security imaginable.

Aiding the security team are graphics that expedite their access to critical controls.  These graphics provide detailed information about the facility in real time and provide context sensitive controls over the system’s behavior.

The system functions deployed at these facilities include:


System Scale:

This is a relatively small system has very complex rules of operation and extreme levels of integration of system components.

  • Identity credential readers of multiple types are supported due to varying GUI and access requirements.  There are about 80 such devices including biometric readers.
  • Monitored points for the facility to detect potential problems and control points to support facility operations number about 60.
  • Interconnected special access points composed of inputs and outputs are used for transfer through special vestibules without identity checks under operator control.
  • Special areas including mantraps, multi-door vestibules, count controlled area with maximum and minimum personnel constraints, and area where access transactions must involve specific numbers of individuals are supported.  These areas are interrelated and there are more than 10 in the facility.
  • Video integrated with access and intrusion activity for nearly 80 cameras.


Vehicular Inspection and Access Control:  

Provide detailed control from remote locations over the entry and egress of vehicles to and from the facility.  This includes inspection of the vehicle, validation of access, and verification of visitor access privileges.  Issuance of passes is supported.  Addition of complex sensors for prohibited items is supported. 

Identity Management:

A complete identity enrollment, credential production, and visitor management function is part of this process.

Access Control including Special Access Processes:   

A comprehensive access control system is provided including extensive special access processes.  This includes mantraps, multi-door vestibules, counting of accessors to enforce minimum and maximum room counts for both leaving and entering rooms, and other very special customer driven rules.  Logical presence checking is enforced building wide.  A complete identity enrollment, credential production, and visitor management function is part of this process.


Intrusion Detection and Facility Condition Monitoring:   

Intrusion detection and monitoring of several hundred additional sensors that monitor many aspects of the building operation are a part of the solution.  Many building functions are also controlled through this system. 

Integrated Video Surveillance and Assessment: 

Extensive video surveillance and assessment functions are a part of the system.  Surveillance includes both the interior and exterior of the system as well as the city block around the building.  Motion detection and other analytic events are incorporated into the system.  EnterpriseSMS® provides a multi-manufacturer video management system that is un-matched.

Integrated Voice Communications: 

Integrated VoIP communications is a part of the system’s functionality.  Help stations, intercoms at doors, and communications with local and off premise telephones are integrated with the device control, video monitoring and access processes at all levels. 

Multiple Command Stations and Command Centers: 

Multiple command stations in multiple command centers operate in parallel.  They provide redundant control over the system.  Also, special purpose user interfaces provide management and specially tasked individuals with the needed information in a form that is convenient to them in real time.  This is used at vehicle gates and special access points where human supervision is required as well as monitoring the system.

Redundant Operations:  

The deployed system is fully redundant with replicated servers in separate locations.