Public Sector Example: Major Legislative Customer


This original WTO member nation’s leading legislative offices have a very large system that has protected them for 15 years.  Many of the most important persons in the country are regular occupants of these facilities.  Thus, their protection and the servicing of their needs is mission critical to this system.  A protection force of several hundred protection officers operates the system and provides additional services.  

The system includes office suite by office suite individualized access and intrusion detection services.

The challenge is to monitor and control the broadly distributed technologies that operate the buildings as well as provide extensive and detailed access control services integrated with an extensive video surveillance function for the many buildings that make up this system.  In some cases, tenant access control, intrusion detection, and surveillance services are also supplied. 

EnterpriseSMS® provides this service with alacrity.  Synchronized video, alarm and remote control functions are presented as operators select events to process.  This is accomplished from 17 different locations plus two command centers hidden away and protected from threats.

It is composed of:


System Scale:

      • Seventeen mini-Command Centers plus two large ones
  • Approximately 20 buildings spread across the capital city
  • Approximately 500 access panels are controlled by the system
  • Approximately 2000 credential readers expanding with additional buildings
  • Approximately 6000 identities and credentials are a part of the system.
  • Multiple enrollment stations spread throughout the facility.
  • Integrated with multiple third party systems for control over video, intercom communications and specialized displays.


Intrusion Detection and Facility Condition Monitoring:   

    Intrusion detection and monitoring of many additional sensors that monitor many aspects of each facility are a part of the solution.  Many building functions are also controlled through this system.

Access Control At All Locations:  

    A comprehensive access control system is provided including extensive special access processes.  This project utilizes a relatively sophisticated access control panel distributed broadly to provide a robust and responsive system.

Identity Management:

    A complete identity enrollment, credential production, and visitor management function is part of this process.

Multiple Command Stations: 

    Multiple command stations operate in parallel.  They provide redundant control over the system.  This is used at vehicle gates and special access points where human supervision is required as well as monitoring the system.

External System Integration: 

Multiple distributed subsystems are integrated to provide a comprehensive solution for physical security.  These subsystems include intercoms, video and special display systems.