Product Developer Example:  Fiber Optic Sensor Innovator


An innovator in the use of fiber optics to detect and measure minute changes in position needed software to complete the path to market for their new products.  ICS’s role is to provide core software enabling the use of the advanced fiber optic technology of this company.  There are currently three projects in which ICS is involved.  The products derived from these activities will be distributed through a variety of multi-national distributors.

This activity is enhanced by incorporating EnterpriseSMS® technology into the development process so that solutions are achieved fasten and demonstrate high reliability since they are based on proven software.



  • Developing primary analysis software for fiber optic acoustic array used for perimeter security detection system and conduit intrusion.  This activity includes developing signal capture software, developing algorithms to filter significant signals, and to develop the heuristics required to differentiate signals and identify significant events.  The scope includes a buried fiber perimeter system and a conduit intrusion system.  The deliverable will be an instrumentation interface on a small PC.
  • Develop an interface that integrates multiple instances of the instrumentation interface into a single interface server.  This server will support an interface that larger system integrators can use to incorporate these products into larger systems.   
  • Developing primary analysis software to capture thermocouple sensors, accelerometers, and acoustic sensors into gas turbine and electric generator monitoring. The developed sensing system will be used to predict approaching failures and dangerous operating conditions.  The solution may integrate other plant SCADA and instrumentation system elements and may feed information to other plant systems.  This system will be remotely monitorable using multiple types of remote devices.