EnterpriseSMS® Is A Tool Box Of Distributable Software Components  

ESMS software is a family of well encapsulated applications that share common messages and communications practices.  Supported by an enormously flexible set of distributed database services, all application modules have access to the information needed to support nearly any requirement and, if they don’t, it is easy to make the missing information available.  This means that applications can interact according to the needs of the customer and that it is usually a data configuration task to adapt ESMS to any set of needs. 

When code changes of some type are required it is easy because of the extensive experience base realized in the applications. This flexibility is the result of the software standards that are followed in the development of EnterpriseSMS® modules.

The ESMS vision required that system components could be placed anywhere within the IT infrastructure as needed to meet the system’s requirements.  We started by making sure ESMS components were network compatible while maintaining communications standards that included legacy communications connections.  No dependence on any specific products or communications components was allowed. 

All software applications have access to common configuration information, enjoy mutual awareness of each other’s existence and capabilities, have access to the state of the entire system,  and shared a common messaging structure thus ensuring that they may be located anywhere within the network infrastructure of the system.  System data is distributed automatically to ensure survivability should a major hardware of network failure occur.