Some of the real world problems that have been managed through EnterpriseSMS® are described below.  They include enterprise physical security, IT infrastructure monitoring, monitoring of production lines and processes, process flow, time and attendance, monitoring of shipping and receiving of materials or resources, monitoring and control of industrial processes, monitoring and controlling emissions and monitoring inventories.  Constructed almost exclusively from COTS products and EnterpriseSMS® software, these examples illustrate the capability of EnterpriseSMS® driven system solutions to solve an enterprise’s problems.

The examples below represent prior experience at real locations.



1. Federal Banking System Example:

Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Facility Monitoring, and Visitor Processing


2. Public Sector Example:

Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Voice Communications For Nationally Distributed System


3. Public Sector Project Example:

Access Control, Identity Management, and Badge Production For This FAA Category X (Extremely Large) Airport


4. Public Sector Example:

Government Services For Major City


5. Public Sector Example:

Major Legislative Customer


6. Environmental Services Example:

Emissions Monitoring For Terminal Operations On Gulf Coast


7. Product Developer Example:  

Fiber Optic Sensor Innovator


8. Electricity Power Plant Example: 

Physical Security and Personnel Access Management For Employees, Contractors, And Large Temporary Crews