Facility Monitoring and Control Solutions

Enterprise monitoring requires a product that can monitor many, many types of field devices.  This is essential because when counting types of field devices in an enterprise, one counts many hundreds and there may be many, many devices of each type.  Field devices connect to edge components in systems so that they can be monitored and controlled by the systems. Click here for an architecture overview. This means that the edge components must speak the languages of field components.

EnterpriseSMS® is particularly adept at speaking to field devices.  Accomplishing this in an effective way means that the following capabilities must be adeptly supported. 


ESMS knows many field device protocols

ESMS edge components can support many communications protocols and electrical interfaces.  The most common include the Modbus protocol, serial protocols, BACnet, Allen Bradley, and other PLC protocols.  Non PLC protocols include many varieties of identity credential readers from physical security and a variety of legacy access panel protocols.  Many video control protocols as well as video CODECs are supported.  In addition, VoIP communications support is standard.  Additionally, a wide variety of legacy or proprietary device interface protocols are supported.  Adding a new protocol is routine in ESMS.

ESMS has flexible database tool to hold all device information

ESMS utilizes and powerful Oracle database that contains all information needed about any device.  ESMS implement edge applications using this information and these applications can monitor, provision, and control all of these devices up to the limit of their capabilities.  Further, these databases log all received transactions and commands sent to devices.  Thus a complete detailed audit of system behavior is supported.

ESMS edge components are broadly distributable

ESMS edge components and supporting database components may be distributed anywhere they are needed to ensure availability and performance criteria. 

ESMS can calibrate any data value received or translate it to meaningful values

ESMS supports a powerful transaction calibration tool that can convert any form of device information into any type of calibrated information.  This is a hugely powerful transaction processing capability.  Any type of calibration algorithm may be supported.  Transactions producing results that representing warning or dangerous conditions can create event reports that can be processed by human monitors, trigger text and e-mail messages, etc., and trigger automatic system actions to control other devices and initiate alerts.

ESMS can post process data value changes to calculate new values in real time

ESMS collected device transactions may initiate any type of post processing of any collection of system data or data from interfaced systems to produce any level of business intelligence.  This is all accomplished in real time.  ESMS display tools will present these results to users, also in real time.

ESMS can display any captured or developed in any fashion

ESMS has powerful display tools that enable the display of information in many, many different ways.  The ECS Technical Overview Manual below summarizes the capabilities of this tool.  Additionally, text messages, SMS messages MMS messages, and e-mail may be broadcast as required.  WEB based viewing is also supported.

These basic tools are a part of ESMS and can be applied in thousands of different ways to provide customized information to users.  The following white papers and video clips provide more detailed information about aspects of these capabilities.




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