This page explains how to acquire EnterpriseSMS® services, software, ICS special services.  ICS now has a sister company that provides for the distribution of ICS products for various transactions. This company is ABR Solutions and it is responsible for distribution of EnterpriseSMS®, the provision of managed services based on EnterpriseSMS®, and the provision of deployment, training, localization and support services for EnterpriseSMS®.  With limited exceptions ABR Solutions is ICS’s distribution organization. 

The exceptions are where customers have needs for special software for their new innovative technology or other application.  Perhaps they have a product and want some software to assist in the development or to help refine the packaging for market.  ICS will provide such services.

Both companies are co-located in ICS’s offices and many staff have assignments for both firms.  While close together now, the advent of a move to internationalize the market for EnterpriseSMS® made sense since the process of marketing, supporting, selling, supporting and training around the world made segmentation of these functions into ABR Solutions a good idea.  ICS remains the developer of software without the distractions of ABR business activities.

Of course, existing customers will experience no change in their relationship with ICS. or calling 713-260-8888 is the best way to speak to a person about your needs.

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